10 Alarming Signs That Your Relationship Is Ending

How many hours and how much effort do you put in a relationship to be standing on the brink of knowing your relationship is ending? It’s painful. It’s cruel. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to a good person. Sometimes you are not able to tell if your relationship is ending but sometimes you can see right through it. Both of these situations have an equal impact on the one dealing with it. Let’s admit it: it’s not easy.

But the question is: For how long will you hide from the reality and not face the truth that your relationship is ending? Delaying to admit the reality will only put you through more torture and pain. Sometimes the wise thing to do is to simply FACE IT.

We’ve got a few signs for you to put a final stamp into knowing if your relationship is ending.

10. He Avoids Picking Up Your Phone

You know he’s available on the other side but he refuses to answer your call. Why? Because he’s either in some really important meeting or he’s driving or his phone was on silent and he didn’t know about it. If he’s not answering your calls, your relationship is ending sooner or later.

9. You Don’t Hangout Anymore

All those late night rendezvous and spontaneous plans of eating out have come to an end. Now, when you plan out an evening and even that doesn’t work out…your relationship is ending sweet. There’s no point sticking it out anymore.

8. He’s Got Other Priorities

Every time you approach him with a plan or simply a call, he’ll tell you that he’s got other ‘important stuff’ to take care of. This will become one of his primary excuses with you. So much so, sooner than later you will have a list of everything that is more important to him than you. In case you already have that list, your relationship is ending sooner than you think.