10 reasons why she is thinking about leaving you

So now, the question arises why she is thinking about leaving you? There can be thousand right and wrong reasons behind this but who can stop a girl from something which she wants to do? Off course no one, so don’t let that time come when she will start thinking like this.

Girls are unpredictable. It is very difficult to understand what a girl really wants. Sometimes, she will get happy even after she caught you cheating on her. But other times, she will get mad on little things and decide to leave you. By birth, girls are over thinkers and they have the habit of making stories themselves which have sometimes no concern with the ongoing situation. But as it’s in their habit, they can’t help it and make things worse.

In a relationship, it is very important for the couple to understand, love and respect each other but when these ingredients of relationship start getting lessen, it comes to an end. In most of the cases, girls are the ones who decide about a breakup and this is because they are very impatient and emotional. If you have started feeling the change in your girlfriend’s attitude towards you, then she must be thinking about leaving you and here are the reasons which can let her do this.

10. You have started cheating her

A girl can accept everything but can’t share her precious things with anyone and what is more precious for her than her man? She is full of love but when she is at her worst, nothing can stop her. If she has got you cheating on her, she will definitely leave you as she will think that you no more love her and how can she stay with someone who doesn’t love her anymore?

9. She wants a family but you don’t

It’s natural that girls always gets attracted towards children. But what will she think when you will ask her that you don’t want a family now? She will definitely think about the reason behind it which will make her mind go out. By doing so, she will start thinking about leaving you.