10 Signs He’s A Mama’s Boy

So you met this guy and instantly connected. But the more you get to know him, the more you begin to know that he’s a mama’s boy. What do you do? It is always tricky dating a mama’s boy. Since guys who do not grow up to be a man, are very difficult to be around. As much as mothers are love but a guy should be able to define the line between the two most important ladies in his life.

How can you be sure about him, though? Here are a few signs:

10. He’s A Mama’s Boy If ‘She’s Always Right’

So you started dating and you find him quoting her on every little thing. ‘My mom says..’, ‘My mother said no…’ and so on. He believes that his mom is always right and if you think otherwise, you’ll find it very hard to make your point.

9. He’s A Mama’s Boy If She Still Buys His Undies

As weird as it sounds but if your guy doesn’t do his own shopping and still wears what his mama gets for him then there’s something fishy. Of course, she can buy something for him once in a while but as an adult, he should be able to shop for himself!

8. He’s A Mama’s Boy If He Runs Every Decision By Her

You haven’t seen him take a single decision, big or small, without asking her. From hanging out with you to taking up a new degree, everything is done by her approval.

7. He’s A Mama’s Boy If Can’t Clean Up After Himself

His room is messy and he can’t cook for himself or do his laundry. Being a mama’s boy means you are with someone who is extremely spoilt and does nothing with his own two hands.