10 Signs that it’s Probably Time to break up with Him

Knowing that the time to breakup is near, feels terrible. It destroys you. It consumes you. It kills your heart. But oh dear, what are you to when the relationship you are in already hammering your back? The only choice you have left is to understand and believe that it is time to break up. You need to tell yourself that it is for the greater of you and him.

But the question is: How can you be sure that the time to break up is here? Like every phase in life, this phase has its clues and mysteries. We’ve outlined a few signs for you, hoping it helps,

10. Meeting Him Feels Like a Chore and a Half

When you used to meet him, it used to feel like you’re in heaven. But now, it feels like extra effort and hard work. You feel like you are moving out of your comfort zone and meeting him feels like an errand that you just need to do just because…

9. Your Relationship Is Stuck In A Traffic Jam For Ages

You know it’s time to break up with him when your relationship is stuck in one phase for eons and does not seem to move an inch forward. If you are progressing towards the second phase of relationship together, it’s time you take a step back.

8. Doubts Wander Your Mind More Than Fantasies Of Him

You’ve begun to think if there are other people out there who are better than him. Your mind secretly starts to wander in search of someone more interesting than who you are with. If this is the case, accept it and know that it’s time to break up with him.