10 signs that your relationship is killing you softly

Do you have an idea how your relationship goes to its worst and is softly killing you? Every relationship is not same. Some couples have to work less to maintain a healthy relation, but on the other hand, some have to work really hard to finish the relationship issues. In some relationships, you become a better individual while in others, relationships bring the worst out of a person. You should know that which type of relation you are into and whether you have to take it or break it. Not every relationship is perfect; there are some who kill you softly.

Those unlucky people who are bad at relationships face great disappointments in their lives. They suck at maintaining good relations with their partners due to which their lives become miserable. Breaking off a relationship not always depends on a single person until both the partners decide to come to an end. If being in a relationship don’t make you happy and you are always in kind of fight with your partner, you must know these ten signs which have been discussed below to know that is your relationship is killing you softly?

10. You are on the lowest standard

If you start feeling like you have lowered the standards which you have once set for yourself, it does mean that your relationship is killing you softly. Things which were unbearable for you in the past are now okay with you.

9. You have constant spur to cry

If you sit alone and gets into a state of sadness, depression and continuously urge to cry, then your relationship is killing you softly for sure. It is better to leave such relation rather than trying hard and making your life even more worst.

8. You make too many excuses

It’s human nature that we expect too much from our partners while being into a relationship. But with time, we realize that all of our expectations are useless when you see your partner always failing in meeting them. At this stage, you start making excuses for your partner on his behalf, but inside you know that these all are invalid.