10 things your boyfriend is dying to tell you

Do you want to know what your boyfriend is dying to tell you? The truth is bitter and it sometimes hurts badly. In a relationship, you always want your boyfriend to say things to you which make you feel happy. That’s why most of the times your boyfriend say certain sugar coated things to you but it doesn’t mean it’s always the truth.

Do you know that your boyfriend has lied to you most of the times? Yes, it’s true! There are some things he always wants to tell you but just can’t because he knew that you won’t handle them. So it means you always get filtered version and the real reason behind this is that your boyfriend doesn’t want to make you feel hurt. Your boyfriend really cares about you and your feelings that’s why he remain silent but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to say something. Here are the 10 things which your boyfriend is literally dying to tell you.

10. You have put on weight

In the early hours of your relationship, you get very excited and spend hours with your boyfriend eating food, chocolates, fudge brownies and guzzling vine. When you come into a state of realization that you have put on some pounds and you are sure about it because your old jeans which were perfect on you last summer can’t make up with your thighs today. Worrying about your weight and wearing your old jeans will make you ask your boyfriend that how do you look in that? Expecting truth during that moment from your boyfriend is totally childish. Because he won’t make you feel sad by saying the truth which he is dying to tell you that you have put on weight in real.

9. He hates calling you

In a start of a relationship, you are in long conversation with your boyfriend and it doesn’t feel odd because both of you try to know each other in a better way. When your relation get settled and it’s been two long years, don’t expect your boyfriend to call you same as he did during the early hours of relationship. Your boyfriend is literally dying to tell you that he hates calling you a couple of times in a day.

8. You have a potato face

HAHA. Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes when you get ready and put tons of makeup on your face and ask your boyfriend that how do you look. Don’t expect that he won’t lie to you. He really wishes to tell you that moment that you have a potato face but just can’t because he know that it will hurt you. So don’t always get happy when you know you are not looking good and your boyfriend asks you that you do look pretty because he would probably be lying.

7. You are a terrible cook

You know that your boyfriend is literally dying to tell you that you are a terrible cook but he just can’t because you would mind it. Asking your boyfriend how do you cook after making a tasteless food is something you need to avoid because he will definitely lie about it. Saying truth will be bitter for you.