10 things your boyfriend is dying to tell you

6. Shut up

Sometimes girls start talking without thinking and start talking to their boyfriend about makeup, clothes and other stuff which seems really boring to him. That moment when you are talking yourself without your boyfriend’s interest in it, he really wants to say ‘shut up’ so that you can stop your boring gossip but he can’t because you will get hurt.

5. He hates your family

This is one of the top things which he is literally dying to tell you. You would never know that your boyfriend secretly hates you, family. He can only wish to tell you this but can’t say it to you ever as it will make your relationship devastating.

4. I am not sure about getting married

Asking your boyfriend that when you both will get married and expecting truth from him is funny. Because he won’t ever let you know his true feelings which he is dying to tell you as they will make you mad on him.