10 Things That Your Man Secretly Loves About You

Not all the men are expressive and extrovert. You may have a man who not easy-to-read, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It’s his nature to be reclusive. No matter how his shy and introvert his nature is, there are 10 things that your man secretly loves you:

10. Expressing your love for him:

Your man loves it when you show your love and your feeling for him. Though he may not respond to your love verbally with same love due to his typical men’s introvert nature, but the heat of your passion is something he loves about you.

9.Feeling shy because of him:

Men love it when their girls are shy around them. The blush on your cheeks and the suppressed smile due to shyness is something he loves about you. The nervousness and the shakiness, the speeding up of the heart beat and you looking here and there due to coyness of his presence may be his favorite gesture.

8. Smiling whenever you see his face:

He loves you when your face lit up due to his presence. Your smile, your feeling of joy to see him, your enthusiasm around him in fact, everything about you is loved by your man.  The current of your feelings are passed to him when you smile uncontrollably and unconsciously due to his presence.

7. Looking at him admiringly:

Your man feels proud of you when he knows that you admire him. Though he may not tell you about it but it’s his secret that he loved to be praised by you. It also gives his confidence a boost up.