10 Things That Your Man Secretly Loves About You

6. Taking care of his things:

Taking care of his belongings, his likings and disliking’s, putting small efforts to make him happy, etc. is all that your man secretly loves you. No matter how egoistic a man is, he loves to be taken care as a small child. Indeed, every man has a small, fragile child inside him who is hungry for love and care.

5. Respecting his family:

Your boy not only expects love for himself but also wants you to love and respect his family and people who are dear to him. You can never win his heart by only loving him and not the people who are special to him

4. Bearing his bad moods and anger:

Your man loves you, even more, when you tolerate his bad mood. Men are aggressive by nature and like calm girls. Your man also expects you to endure if he is upset or angry due to something. When you deserve to be with him in his bests, then you also should stand when he is in darker times.