10 things that will prove that he doesn’t give a crap about you

Being fake is very normal nowadays and most of the people do it. We live in the world where 99% of the population is full of shit but it is a great debate to know that who is a nice guy and who is not? Getting into a relationship is easy but taking it until the end is really a difficult task. If your boyfriend was so crazy about you before your relationship, but now you feel like he is changed then there might be something you are unaware of.

Every man is not same. Only the real ones will consider their women important but fake ones will not give a crap about you. There is always some curiosity of knowing what your partner thinks about you. Isn’t it? Well, it happens with me most of the times. So if you feel bad and disrespectful whenever you are with him, it means that he is not interested in you and doesn’t give a crap about you. Here are the 10 things which make a confirmation of what he thinks about you. So, hold your breath and give it a read.

10. He don’t consider your decisions important

Does he ask you to stay away from his matters whenever you try to give her an advice? It is really a bad sign which means that he doesn’t give a crap about you. Most of the men don’t like interference of women in their lives and they don’t even ask about their decisions or advice while doing something important. This is the sign for a woman which will show that your man is least interested in you.

9. He manages to make your fault in everything

Do you try to help him but at the end, he manages to make your fault in every wrong happening? This is the sign that he doesn’t give a crap about you and wants to get rid of you anyway.

8. He don’t give a damn about your emotions

If he always fails to validate or recognize your feelings and always reject them, it doesn’t only mean that he is stone-hearted and cold, it also means that he don’t care about you.

7. He doesn’t listen when you talk

You always need a partner who listens to you and gives you advice or hope whenever you are in some difficulty. Men are mostly least interested in gossiping, shopping etc. But it really doesn’t mean that he can tune you out whenever you are saying something. If he continues behaving like this, it’s obvious that he doesn’t give a crap about you.