10 things which will tell that you are dating a true gentleman

8. He treats you in a respectful way even if he is angry

If he is short tempered but still treats you respectfully in anger, it is a sign that you are dating a true gentleman. A true gentleman won’t even forget his limits even if he is crazy on you.

7. He completely trusts you

Trust is very important part of every relationship. You are with the right person if he trusts you i.e.  he doesn’t ask you where ever you go and never check your phone.

6. He manages time for you from his busy routine

Even though he is busy with work but he manages to make time for you and take you for hangouts and dinners, it means that you are dating a true gentleman.

5. He never hesitate to ask you something

He doesn’t make the conversation long just to ask a single question and if he has to ask something, he says it directly.