11 texts that will show you that he wants more than just $ex

The technology has revolutionized in the 21st century due to which many things have been changed i.e. how people go about relationships nowadays. Due to mobile phones and social media, it is very easy to get connected to your loved ones through texts and calls, no matter where they are. So we can say that the phenomenon of sending texts has helped people too much in shaping their relationships. It has become a vital ingredient of communication in relationships which can make or break it.

Consider yourself in a situation where you are in a $exual relationship with your partner but you are not sure that he is really interested in you or not. Do you want to know that at which position you are in a relationship? He must send you texts which contain hints that will let you know that he is interested in you or not or do he wants you more than just $ex.

11. Random texts

Did you meet him in the morning and he is sending you random texts again? Ah, congrats! If he does the same and tries to initiate conversation every time by sending you random texts, it’s mean he wants you more than just $ex and really loves you.

10. He texts you about taking advice before doing anything important

If he is going to do something important and he ask you about your advice before making any decision, it’s a really good sign. He is interested in you and wants you more than just $ex if you start getting texts like these.

9. Boring everyday texts

Do you get his boring texts every day like good morning, good night etc. etc.? That’s nice because it’s a sign that he is interested in you without being mean. Don’t get irritated from his everyday texts as they show his love and care towards you.