11 texts that will show you that he wants more than just $ex

8. Texts you about forgiveness

If you guys had a small fight last night and now he is texting you for forgiveness, its mean that he don’t want to grow the flight further and wants to be with you happily. It’s a good sign that he send you texts like this because he is interested in you and wants you more than just $ex.

7. He sends you complex and serious texts

A boy who doesn’t want you for more than just $ex won’t get into the deep and complex conversation with you. If he talks to you seriously sometimes and gets into complex conversations about your future or profession, it means that he really cares about you and interested in you more than just $ex.

6. Send you complimentary texts

Complimenting about your beauty, flawless skin and great body is not necessary. But getting compliments about your personality and the way you live your life is something exceptional. If he compliments you about your inner beauty and abilities, he is really interested in you and wants you beyond your $exual potential.

5. Inquisitive texts

If he asks you random questions about your dreams, wishes, and life and takes the least interest in talking about your physical beauty, he is interested in you and wants you more than just $ex.