11 tips to keep your relationship alive

Relationships always need a fuel and spices of efforts for making it long lasting and beautiful. It requires a lot of determinations. If you stop giving your input in a relationship, it will eventually die and you will regret for the rest of your life. Never hesitate to make efforts for your lover. Tell him how important he is for you and what place he hold in your life. These small efforts by you will not only keep the relationship alive but long lasting too. Here are 11 tips for you that you can do to keep your relationship alive

11. Give surprises to each other

To keep relationships alive, never hesitate to give surprises to each other. Put small efforts, try to make jokes, tease each other and show how much he is important for you in your life.

10. Dedicate romantic songs

It’s one of the sweetest sign of love that you miss your loved one whenever you listen to any romantic song or watch a romantic movie. Feel free to share it with your lover to tell him how much you miss him every moment. These small efforts keeps relationship alive.

9. Never stop expressing your feelings

Expression is fuel of love. It’s wonderful to hear about how much you are important in your lover’s life. Try to express your feelings as much as possible and never stop sharing it. It will keep your relationship alive.

8. Always be honest about your feelings

Being honest about you feelings is also a secret to keep your relationship alive. Tell your lover whatever you feel. If you feel good about something, share it. If you want to share something bad or negative, even then it’s good to share. Being honest about whatever you feel is most important part of relationship.