13 Signs that He’s Not Liking Being in a Relationship with You

Although it is really hard to tell if a guy is not liking being in a relationship but there are certain signs that can be taken into consideration. In many ways, a guy’s personality, his role in the relationship and his attitude begins to change as he changes his mind. But you have to be sharp and smart to understand this change.

To help you a little, we’ve got a few alarms that can be a hint if your guy is not liking being in a relationship. Although this is not a guarantee but from experience, we can say that these are most definitely a few things to watch out.

13. He Doesn’t Pay Attention To You Anymore

If you’ve got a new haircut or changed your phone or anything else, everything will go unnoticeable in front of him. The first thing a guy loses when he is not liking being in a relationship is his attention to detail with his girlfriend.

12. He Is Indifferent About Your Relationships With Other Guys

Your guy used to be concerned about where your relationship with guys is going but he is not anymore. This is a strong signal for you to catch.

11. He Doesn’t Care About Where You Are or Who Are You With

No matter where you are or who you are with, this doesn’t affect him anymore. He doesn’t ask much about your whereabouts not because he’s comfortable with you but it’s because he is not liking being in a relationship with you.

10. Everything Has Become “Too Much” For Him

Whether it’s a plan to watch a movie or a trip to the doctor, everything about you is now ‘too much’ and he will say so.