13 Things which your Boyfriend will never get Righ

Women will always remain a mystery for men as they are not able to understand them completely. Men are inherently groundless idiots who are only capable of comprehending things among themselves but very bad at understanding their partners.

A man can never understand his woman like she wants to be understood as it is the most important thing in every relationship. Due to less understanding, many problems generates which led to the destruction of a relation. As it is said that ‘everyone is not same’. We can take this saying in case of men too, all men are not same. But there are still some cases in which all men react and think same. Why is it so? Why men can’t understand women completely? Especially when it comes to these common examples which your boyfriend will never take right.

13. When woman say that they need some space

In a relationship, you want to get space sometimes and the reason behind this is because you get tired of your fights or his anger. But it doesn’t mean that if a girl wants some space, she is free to cheat or to be unfaithful. They need space in order think and breathe or her own. Give your woman some space and wait until she comes back to you.

12. Women aren’t over reacting all the time

According to all men, over reaction on everything is a habit of every woman but it’s not like that. Women are inherently analytical and they just react according to the situations. Men need to approach rationally in every situation before making their mind about women.

11. Women always know the truth

It’s difficult to hide anything from a woman as she has a great six sense. They like to watch men lying to them but in the end, they squirm him in his own web of lies.