15 Texts That Will Make Him Happy In the Morning

Legend has it that morning sets the tone for the day. And if you want your guy to have a great start, make him happy with a morning text routine that leaves him smiling. Here are a few text inspirations that will make him happy:

15. “Your Smile Is Brighter Than The Morning Sun”

This is not only a compliment but also a beautiful way of telling him how much you adore him. Looking at this will surely make him happy!

14. “I Felt You Were With Me, All Night Long”

Slightly intimate, personal and close, a text to tell him that you were so close to him, will make him want you, first thing in the morning!

13. “Wake Up Handsome & Brighten My Day”

A subtle way to telling him that his mere presence in your life makes a huge difference. This is surely a sweet way to win his heart and make him happy!

12. “You Make Mornings Brighter”

This is a cute way of telling him how much he means to you and your day. Expect a phone call from him after sending this text message 😉

11. “You Are The Sun That Lights Up My Day – So Wake Up!”

Wouldn’t such a cute text message make him happy? After all, what’s more, adorable than seeing your guy smile just because of you!