15 Texts That Will Make Him Happy In the Morning

10. “Hey Snuggly Pooh, Wakie, Wakie!”

You can be slightly cheesy with your guy once in a while. After all, shaking up things a bit helps keep the passion alive, doesn’t it? 😉

9. “How Long Am I Supposed To Wait To Say ‘Good Morning’?”

A text message like this tells him that you’ve been waiting for him to wake up. This will definitely make him call you… after all, you’ve made him feel that you’ve been waiting too long! 😉

8. “My Morning Begins When You’re Awake. Good Morning”

Let him know how close you hold him to your heart, every day <3

7. “If Only I Could Have You As My Breakfast In Bed”

Ooh, this steamy text is going to give him tingly feelings and instantly make him happy!

6. “Now That You’re Awake, I Can Count Minutes Till I See Your Pretty Face”

This will a mob of butterflies fly in his tummy because now he’s going to wait to see your pretty face too 😉