16-year-old Marries her dying boyfriend to Fulfill his Last wish

When someone mentions someone marrying a dying person, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘A Walk to Remember’. We all fell in love with Landon Carter when he married a dying Jamie just because it was her last wish. When we talk about love today, we don’t think that such stories can really exist. Yes, people love each other endlessly till date, but who volunteers for things like these? I thought so too until I read the story of Omar and Amie.

Omar and Amie went to high school together. They were close friends and had seen each other around a lot. Omar Al Shaikh was in remission for acute myeloid leukaemia when he started dating Amie. This was about eight months ago. The 16-year-olds fell in love with each other and hoped for a chance to spend their lives together. However, fate had some other plans for the two.

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