5 Reasons Why One Sided Love Will Destroy You

Similar to every other relationship, one sided relationship involves two people, except the fact that in this type of relationship, only one of the two is making all the efforts. No matter how much you love your partner, you do not receive the same amount of affection and commitment from the other side. They will tell you they love you, but their actions would fail to agree. If you are involved in one such relationship, then get out right here, right now, for it will destroy you. We tell you why:

5. Your love becomes more of an aggressive obsession

Being madly in love with someone and not getting even half of those feelings in return, turns your love into an aggressive obsession. You are now not just in love with your partner, but are obsessed with their presence, their smell, their existence and even their thought. You would do anything for a five-minute love conversation or a small hug, because that is the only thing you want in your life right now. One sided love takes no time to convert into uncontrollable vigor that can destroy a person’s inner self. Do not treat yourself like this anymore, and get out of this one sided relationship.

4. You lose focus
When you are involved in a one sided relationship, nothing else is on your mind. Every time you are thinking about ways to get your partner’s attention. They are the only thing wandering in your brains all the time, and nothing else catches your focus. Your academics or workplace efficiency begin to nosedive and you face difficulties in catching up with other people. You have to understand that you have other priorities in your life, that you need to consider. Get out of this hassle and concentrate on things that are more important.

3. You start loving the pain
Loving somebody to the core and not getting the required affection back is one of the most painful feelings in the world. Problem with people involved in one sided love is that they start getting addicted to the pain. This pain is the only thing that they get from their partner and they feel the need to treasure it. This does nothing, except putting them into deep depression and sometimes self-hatred.

2. You lose contact with everybody else
When one person is on your mind all the time, you see nobody else around you. You tend to lose all contact with your friends and even your family. You get detached from your loved ones, because you don’t feel the need to tell them about the problems that you are struck with, in your life. My friend, there are numerous more fish in the sea. Many other people that want to be with you and love you; concentrating on one person will give you nothing but pain. Attach to your friends, and there are high chances that you find somebody else; someone who would return you with all the love and affection that you deserve.

1. You become a source of worry for your family and friends
You are simply wasting your time being involved in a one sided relationship when you have so many other people to love and care about you. Ever thought how your parents feel seeing you in this helpless condition? Ever considered the pain your friends feel who miss you in gatherings? Look around you, and there are so many people who care about you. Flush this certain someone from your life and you will eventually find your lost smile back, I guarantee!