3 Things you should know about Love and $ex

So girls, how do you know if your partner is with you for $ex. or for love? If your partner doesn’t do the following 3 key things, you probably already know what is love

3.  He’ll Get Straight To $ex

Every time you meet with your love, he jumps straight to bed. You guys don’t spend time talking about life, the future or your day. He will want you to be prepared for him. And the moment he’s done, he’ll walk out. He’ll always be in a hurry and you’ll feel like he’s missing a ticket to Utopia.

2. He’ll Always Be Very Quick

Not that it’s an urgency of time but he’ll always want to get done with it quickly. He will hurriedly come to meet you. And in an equal amount of hurry, he will leave you. If that is the case, you should know that you’re probably not going to explore what is love with this guy.

1. He Won’t Talk Much

Conversations deepen relationships. The more you talk, the more understanding you develop of each other. When you’re in love, you tend to share every detail of your life with your significant other. And if he doesn’t talk much but is passionate about getting under the sheets with you, he’s probably in it for the $ex.

Be careful about who you share and explore the most meaningful experiences of your life. Finding what is love and developing a deeper understanding of it requires much more than $ex.