These 7 things are the Biggest Enemy to your Relationship and how your can Avoid them

Meta-Description: Sometimes we don’t realize which part of our lives has become an enemy in a relationship? We’re tried to list a few evils you should be aware of. Read more.

Many things in life come as a surprise to many of us. Some people we think are our friends become our foes in a jiffy. Some situations we think we can get through, bring out the worst in us. And when the winds of time are against us, any petty thing can turn into an enemy in a relationship. However, there are a few things to watch out for, tricky but true. If you keep a tab on the following things, you will be able to understand, identify and stand against the enemy in your relationship.

Some of the things you are going to read now require you to open your mind and understand life from a different perspective. So, let’s begin…

7. EGO

Easier said than done! Erase your ego. Don’t let your ego come in between. And dah. Dah. Dah. The world will tell you a million things to do with your ego but what it won’t tell you is, ‘How to Deal with it?’ We are all born with such an amazing power, ego. A power that can ride us to success or take us down the darkest pits of hell. We encourage you to, “Tame Your Ego”. Control it than letting it control you and becoming the enemy in your relationship.


You have probably heard people talk about pride in a negative coronation. But what most people do not realize that pride is a great tool, if used correctly. Everyone should carry a little bit of pride in themselves to survive through the thunders of life. But the same pride can come and stab you in the back! So balance is required to prevent this tool from turning in an enemy in your relationship. (Hint for girls: Guys die for girls who take pride in who they are *wink*)