4 Reasons, Why it’s Impossible for You to Let Her Go in a Relationship?

You started off thinking you know her enough to take the vows and find a place in heaven by each other’s side. But today you’ve woken up thinking something is amiss. Your heart doesn’t pound at the thought of her. You don’t feel like dressing up the way she loves. Heck, you even feel like ditching the movie plan tonight. But you don’t do any of this because it is impossible for you to let her go.

Do you find yourself pacing in your room or having a conversation with your bros as to why you can’t be with her but can’t let her go in a relationship either? Have you been avoiding her but also giving her borderline attention so she doesn’t go away and your relationship doesn’t spiral down into the deepest pits of the end? Bro, you need to understand,

4. You’re Afraid

Not of losing her but of not having anyone at all. You fear how alone you might get which is why you’ll stick around despite the fact that her existence has started to annoy you. You are afraid that the goodnight messages will end and the comfort of ‘being with someone’ will go away.

So, step one: end the fear.