5 Adorable Ideas for Valentine’s Day Texting

February is that time of the month when everyone is soaked in love. Love is literally in the air and everyone can feel it. However, your focus turns towards your partner because you want them to feel extra love. The two of you obviously don’t need a special day to express how much you mean to each other, but if there is a special day, why not celebrate it? With the advent of smarter phones and brighter technology, we tend to stay in touch with our partner all day over texts. Here is how you can make them feel special this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Literature and quotes

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and each other. To make them feel special, you have to send in a lot of texts the whole day to make them feel overwhelmed and amazed by the power of love. Literature can be a good source of beautiful words. Pick up words from your favorite love novel or find a book where the character matches them the most or the bond matches yours the most and send them a few lines or excerpts from it. It would make them feel special for knowing that you find their image everywhere. Similarly, the internet is filled with love quotes. Find a few and send them to the person you love. However, avoid using things that have been overly used.