5 best Qualities of a Dreamy Boyfriend

Whether she wants to, or not every girl ends up imaging the perfect man. Some of them have imagining their physical features, while some of them just fan-girl over McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy. Whether you are of the first or the second category, there are some universal traits of a dreamy boyfriend. Here they are:

5. Treating your small issues as if they were big deals.

For women, some small problems can be huge problems. Sometimes, it is the other person, at other times, it is just PMS-ing, but whatever it is, it makes us angry. In such situations, the only right way for us is to rant about it. For a dreamy boyfriend, that would be a big deal. He would patiently sit with you and hear out everything that you have to say.

4. Approving of your bad habits.

We all have that one bad habit that generally makes us annoying. However for a dreamy boyfriend, that is no big deal. He knows that you are a normal human being – far way from perfection, and there is an allowable limit of making mistakes. He won’t object to it a lot and accept you for who you are and how you are.