5 best Ways to Handle His Best female Friend Who Flirts All the Time

You know that your partner has a best friend from the opposite gender, and no matter how possessive you are, you begin to make peace with it. However, your peace gets disrupted when you notice that the best friend flirts with them and it is something very regular. Anyone who is normal will get annoyed with the fact because a little flirting is normal between such best friends. However, over the limit flirting means that the other person probably feels something for your partner. That is not something healthy between two best friends. Here are a few tips for you.

5. Handle it carefully.

The first thing you need to do is to handle this situation carefully. A best friend is someone who is extremely close to a person’s heart. No matter how much they love you or care for you, they will always have a completely different space for their best friend in their heart. If you get hyper and say things to them, they would think of you as an insecure person and they might even blame you for not trusting them enough. Even if she flirts a lot you cannot just ask your boyfriend to stop being her best friend.

4. Take second opinion.

You might think she flirts a lot but it could be because you’re being over protective of him. Don’t think that I am being stupid and that you’re rational and you would never think like this. Women can be over protective. So ask a few of your close friends if they feel it too. You could be the only one who thinks so and if that is the case then you need to let your boyfriend be in peace. Insecurity can ruin relationships.

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