5 Common Disagreement Factors in Relationships

I always mention this in my articles and I will say it again. Every couple on this planet fights. In relationships, couples do not always stay in peace and if someone tells you that they never fight, it is a big lie. Even if a couple from distance seems so, it is not possible. So it is only natural. However, excess fighting is obviously wrong, and if you and your partner disagree over everything that that is alarming. SO here is a list of few things that is okay for you two to argue on:

  1. Television/Movies/Music

In relationships, it is natural for couples to disagree over these things. Everyone has their own preferences and choices. You like a certain genre and they like something else so there will be fights over who gets to choose the Saturday night movie, or who puts up their iPod in the car or who chooses which channel to watch. You will be dying to watch your favourite TV show and your guy will be dying to watch his match. Similarly, you will be dying for your rock music but she feels like country music at that point. These are only natural and actually adorable little fights which are hard to avoid.