5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Love Someone

“Love is patient; Love is kind…”
Haven’t we all grown up hearing things like these?Whether you embrace it or run away from it, love is a part of our very essence. We identify love as infants when we share an indescribable bond with out mother and that is from where we learn the art of loving. However, differences and difficulties in this time have smudged the real face of love and I think amidst all these atrocities, there is a need to remind people of the power of love. Therefore, here are a few reasons why you should fall in love:

  1. Genuine happiness.

You may have felt different types of happiness in your life but this kind of happiness has no comparison. The way your lover makes you feel when you are in love can just never have a match. That happiness has an aura around it. You feel a kind of warmth taking over. This is because that is the truest form of happiness. You are loved and there is someone who adores you and cares about you a lot. Seeing them smile makes your day and seeing them happy – well that’s the kind of happiness I am talking about!