5 Differences between an Immature and Mature Relationship

Gone are those days when teens had their Beyblade tournaments to win. Nowadays, it is their relationship that they have to handle; it is their girlfriends that they have to take care of. ‘14 year olds falling in deep love with each other’ is the new trend. If you do not have a girlfriend at this age, you are not cool to live. Such relationships, however, do not last longer than a few months and should not be compared, by any means, to relationships we 25 year olds have. We list down 5 of the infinite differences that the two relationships have between them:

  1. So many options

In college, a class of 30 students comprises mostly of an equal ratio of boys to girls. So many options, so many people around you. So many fish in your sea that you can approach anybody. You are so immature that you do not even think twice, before saying yes to someone. Such is not the case with us. At our age, people are mature enough to understand each other. We are clearly distinctive of the qualities we demand from our partner. Our options are limited and chances of a rejection are quite high.