5 Flirting Moves To Experiment With

It is not an easy task to catch a girl’s attention especially when is she is pretty and smart. You are just like any other boy to her, and you need to do put in that extra effort in order to attract her towards you. Flirting is an art that only some people can master. It is one of the most conventional ways to get to her heart. For her help, we tell you 5 of the many flirting moves that you can try on her:


  1. Do not give up

They say, ‘Try, try, try and one day you will surely fly’ Although it is humanly impossible for a man to fly, but perseverance can help you reach the sky. No matter how hard it is to get her, just do not give up. She might feel annoyed at first, but you need to keep trying and she might just get attracted towards you. It is stupid to say that the first impression is the last impression; you just need a single good flirting move and she will go all gaga for you.