5 Golden Principles To Apply in Your Relationship

Every individual you know and every breathing human that exists right now have gone through a very strange course throughout their lives. While you can only look at them, and sadly, judge them, there’s more to them than meets the eyes. Their experiences throughout their life have made them tougher, colder, stronger and hopefully, better. However, there are certain lessons in life that you can apply to certain situations and relationships to make them better. Here are some golden principles that you can apply to your relationship to make it last longer and become healthier:

  1. Once bitten, twice shy.

Whether it is your relationship, or it is any other thing in life, just remember this golden rule. If someone does bad to you once and catches you off guard, it is not your fault. However, if the same person or the same thing, or both, happen to you again, it is definitely your fault. You have to learn from you mistakes. You can only trust a person once. Giving them more chances to hurt you is always a stupid things to do.