5 Harsh Realities About Relationships That Most People Won’t Tell

Most of the times, when you look at a relationship from a distance, you see two people crazy in lov. You see how wonderful their bond is and how they are always there for each other. In fact, you begin to assume that relationships are the only source of happiness in a person’s life etc. However, what most people don’t show you or tell you about is the dark side that comes with every relationship. I am not saying that relationships only make you sad and break your heart, but just like every other thing in life, they have as much of a dark side. Here a few realities that most people won’t tell you:

  1. There is fighting.

Most people won’t show you what happens between them. You never see a clear picture of two people in a relationship. As a result, you have no idea about when they are fighting or making peace. the truth is that no matter how compatible the two of you are, there is always some fighting and problems associated with your bond. It takes two people a lot of strength to exist together in peace, and while that existence is being achieved, they are likely to fight.