5 Kind of Girls You Should Avoid Dating

A woman has the power to make your life amazing, but she also has the power to destroy it completely. I can tell you so many stories of this but there is one that I saw happening right in front of my eyes. I had a close friend who got into a relationship with this girl in his class. She made him a different person. He stopped smoking. He started wearing great clothes and he just became a very sweet guy. After a few months, she broke up with him in a horrible way. That guy now has temper issues; he smokes excessively and he has trouble focusing on his work now. His career, which once looked great, is not down the drain. That’s what the wrong girl can do to you. Here are few types of girls you must save yourself from:

  1. The unapologetic

The unapologetic kind of girls will never admit to their mistakes. These girls believe that they are too big of a person to apologize for something because they are sure that they are never at fault. They think that everyone else can be wrong except them. Their egos are sky high and nothing will ever convince them to apologize. Being with someone who thinks so highly of themselves can be very difficult a times because you will always have to live your life many steps away from them. A relationship is null and void without equality.