5 Kinds of Relationships You Could Be In

Every relationship in the world is a special bond shared between two people. You and I could be the same kind of people, but in very different kind of relationships. It is very essential for you to know the kind of relationship you are in because it determines your chances of lasting and it also states how you should proceed with things in the future. Therefore, here are a few loose generalizations of the kind of relationships that are very common. Find out which kind you are in:

  • The Toxic Relationship

These are the worst kind of relationships to be in. Once you are in a toxic relationship, there are hardly a few chances for you to be happy in life. A toxic relationship is basically one in which your partner literally poisons your mind. They manipulate you to keep things going their way. They are difficult and the happiness within the relationship depends on their moods only. They will bring you down whenever they want to. They will blackmail you to do things their way. In short, being in a toxic relationship sucks away the energy and happiness out of your life. Do not think of yourself this lowly and stay in such kind of a bond.