5 Kinds of Women you MUST Run Away From

When you are looking for a partner, you must always look for a person who will make your life easier or who will complement you. One person may have the pretty face or the sweetest voice but they might be an extremely toxic person to be with. When you are asking yourself if the girl you have been hanging around with is right or wrong, you must stop yourself and really look at her. She might be of the kind that you must run away from. Here are the categories of such women:

  1. The self-obsessed.

The first kind of girl you must run away from is the self obsessed kind. This kind of a woman will always be stuck in her own world. She will always have this dominant upper and and she will always treat you like an inferior. In fact, she will want you in her life just to satisfy her ego that there is some guy madly in love with her. It is amazing to have a girl who knows her worth but being with a woman who over appreciates herself is a pain and you must run away from her.