5 Obvious Signs of a Vary Toxic Relationship

Hard to identify but extremely damaging – toxic relationships have the complete power to destroy you. When you are in a relationship and you love another person, you are always willing to compromise and sacrifice for them. However, with certain people, there comes a point when you cross the line of compromise. You attain a point where you are sacrificing in the name of losing your own self. In short, you are destroying yourself for someone who just wants to gain more from you and have an emotional authority over you at all times. Here are a few obvious signs of a toxic relationship:

  1. Insecurity

In a toxic relationship, there is no such thing as trust. The other person is always extremely jealous of any interaction you make with the opposite gender. They question every intention and motive of yours because they fear losing you. They are not comfortable with themselves and they constantly doubt themselves. As a result, the fear that they might lose you easily so they keep an open eye on you and be extremely discouraging. Jealousy to some extent is always healthy and natural in a relationship, but when it begins to choke you and it limits your social life, it is insecurity and that of a dangerous kind.