5 Pathetic Reasons You Must Never Use For A Breakup

A breakup is always a life-altering moment. It either brings out your dark side or lets you remain positive. However, no matter what happens, it does change you and affect you. Some people go through horrible breakups due to the fact that the other person gives them horrible reasons for it. Those reasons not only leave them with self-doubt but they also affect all their future relationships. It takes them months to move on, and when they finally do, they carry the scars of the previous breakup with them for life. So if you are planning to breakup, here is what you must never say:

  1. Physical Appearance

If you want to breakup with your partner, never use their physical appearance as a reason. Going through a breakup is already a very difficult job, and everything becomes worse if your reason for it is how they look. You have no right to breakup with them for how their face is or for what their skin tone is. They were created that way by nature and you cannot make them feel bad for something that they have no control over. In fact, you will plunge them deep into self-doubt and low self-esteem. They will never look at themselves the way they always did and they will always feel worthless.