5 Perfectly Romantic Proposal Ideas

Having a crush on someone or wanting to be with someone are both frustrating and amazing. However, at one point, you soon begin to feel that you need to take action, and that action is the confession of your feelings. Now for most people, confession means rejection. They just can’t imagine it lead to anything else. However, whether you fall into this category or not, here are a few perfectly romantic ideas for you to consider before you make that confession:

  1. Do it over a road-trip or a drive

This is a perfectly romantic idea. Suggest to your partner that you should go out to some place together on a road trip or for a dinner. Then take them through a longer route so you have time to talk. Indulge in deep talks on the way and talk about your fears, dreams and hopes. Then, propose to them while you are caught up in the madness of words and emotions. However, you have to be very careful. It is better to do something like this on your way back. If they are not ready yet, don’t force them into anything. Don’t scare them because they will be alone with you at that moment. The way you handle that situation might get them to change their mind.