5 Pieces of Love Advice That Are Stupid!

Relationship and love advice works up to some levels. however, following it completely and assuming that the other person totally gets your relationship is not a very smart move. You have to understand that nobody in this world can understand your relationship better than you do, so fall for every baseless love advice you read is irrational. Yes, some people are genuinely concerned, and they want to help, but they cannot understand your bond completely from a spectator point of view. Here are a pieces of love advice that are stupid:

  1. Find someone who completes you.

Now the logic of completing each other is often misunderstood. A lot of people assume that relying on someone extremely for all their needs is completion. However, completing someone means to be a part of those moments where they can’t deliver. It means to be there for someone when they need you; to cover their short-comings and to motivate them to be better. You can’t expect someone to complete you and to help you to be better unless you genuinely want to get better. Before you look for a savior, learn to be your own savior.