5 Proper Ways To Cuddle With Your Man

Women like to cuddle and that’s a well-established fact, but men do not find the idea very nice. Men are believed to be more sexual and more sexually demanding figures. They consider all these things girly and do not want to just hug her girlfriend or wrap around them without doing anything more. This might be a generalization only and I say so since my boyfriend loves cuddling. However, if your boyfriend runs away the moment he hears these words, here is what you need to do:

5. Avoid the word.

If you want to cuddle with him, avoid stating the word. Men are very soft within but like to pretend that they are hard and strong creatures, You cannot expect them to come out of their shell right away so if your guy runs away from cuddling, avoid saying the word. Instead, randomly sit with him or ask him to sit close to you. A shy guy might also run away from such an idea easily so you have to be very careful when it comes to initiating it.