5 Questionable Judgements You Must Not Believe About Love

When I fell in love for the final time and found the man of my dreams, I made a pact to myself that until we don’t cross the 10-month mark, we will not tell anyone that we are together. This is because when people hear about love, they give you their experiences and lessons and they affect the relationship you are in. Not everyone goes through the same experiences so it is best to keep your head away from all that people have to say. We told our friends after the 10-month mark because we were settled together by then and we knew that nothing could break us apart. Let me share a few assumptions about love that people say:

  1. Love cannot bear the cultural clash.

When we talk about love, we always talk about how understanding this affection is. When two very different people fall in love, they see the differences but still choose to respect them. Our cultures and our traditions shape a huge part of our life and we cannot just assume that they will not affect the bond that you are in. However, love makes you undermine their affect a lot. The two of you decide to compromise for each other and those cultural differences become history as your bond attains maturity. I won’t lie to you when I say that it gos the sam with religious beliefs because that is different. That is something people aren’t ready to compromise upon so that is different.