5 Reasons Why He Has Trouble Trusting You

Trust is perhaps the most fundamental pillar upon which a relationship is based. The stronger the trust is between two people, the stronger the relationship is. When a relationship suffers from a lack of trust, it means that two people have trouble believing in one another and having faith in their bond. As a result, there are always issues and fights in their relationship. They often wonder why things are this way. Here are a few reasons why he has trouble trusting you:

  1. They know or think that you lie to them.

It might be just misconception or is fears might be true. He has trouble trusting you because he thinks of you as a liar. Men do not readily commit to someone if they really like them. They always take their time and decide whether this person can be the perfect person for them. Imagine his state when he realizes that the woman he trusted so much and got so close with is a liar. He secretly questions everything that they have heard from you.