5 Reasons Why he’s Shy in Love

It has always been an unwritten rule that men always make the first move in starting a relationship. In most cases, a man asks a woman out, confesses his love, proposes for marriage etc. A woman never does these things first and as a result, they go through a frustrating and anxious waiting period before they finally get asked out. If you are a woman waiting for him to confess his love, here are a few reasons why he is taking so much time:

5. He fears rejection

This is perhaps the biggest reason why he hasn’t confessed his love yet. He fears rejection. Now there could be several reasons behind that fear. Maybe his ego is sky-high and he does not like being told no. He could also take time because he thinks that the rejection will not only break his heart but also take you away from him. He genuinely cares for you so he is not ready to give up on you yet – even if it is as a friend.

  1. He is not sure of his feelings.

He has not confessed his love yet because h is not sure of his feelings. He does not know whether what he feels is just a crush or is it something serious. Men always need sometime to confirm their feelings because they don’t rush into things like these. My boyfriend had a crush on me for months and it took him quite a while to confess his love. His reason was that h liked me too much to break my heart so he wanted to be very sure of his feelings before asking me out.