5 Reasons Why Men Are Attracted To Shy Girls

We are under no obligation to be with a certain kind of person. We can fall in love with whoever we want and look for whatever traits that we like. Everyone enjoys this authority and ends up having their preferences. Men have all kinds of choices when it comes to woman. Obviously, we are different so we want different kind of people in our lives. However, there is always a trend among men to be inclined towards shy girls. They find them simplistic, pretty and very feminine. Most men have a thing for such women and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Mysterious

What men admire the most in women is mystery. They are often into shy girls because they find them very subtle and away from everyone else. They will not reveal much about themselves. They will always look like those feeble beings that tend to stay quiet. They won’t express that easily, and they will literally have to make efforts to read and understand them better. This kind of personality traits makes them run behind shy girls because of their curiosity.