5 Reasons Why Men Leave You

Lot of people do not like it when someone points a finger at them. They do not thing that there could ever be a fault in them. If you are one of them, then let me tell you that as humans, we are always prone to making mistakes. The difference only lies in the frequency of those mistakes, or how well we cover them. If you have had a few failed relationship, then it is time that you check yourself. Here are a few reasons why men leave you:

  1. You are rushing things.

Most men are commitment phobes. They do not find it easy to commit because they fear that they will lose the freedom that singlehood has to offer. As a result, they don’t rush into it. Sometimes, they really like a girl, but they do not want to get into things immediately. However, you probably pushed him too hard. You became emotional and clingy, and forced him into something that he was not very prepared for. Men get scared easily when it comes to commitments and responsibilities. As a result, men leave you. Learn to give men some space and time to adjust.