5 Reasons Why Men Like To Spend Some Time Alone , What Do Men Want ?

Men and women operate differently when it comes to emotions. You love having people around, while he prefers spending time with himself. Do not be scared, when he asks you to leave you alone. He is not angry or disappointed, he just wants some peace; peace that his solitude can provide. Giving him some space would help you strengthen your relationship. It will never create differences, rather will cut out the possibility of any spacing. To remove any ambiguities, we tell you 5 reasons why men love solitude and what do men want:

  1. It is their refreshing time

Your man has to face a lot of pressure every day. From early morning lessons, to criticism at work. From job security to parent’s happiness, he has to deal with multiple issues every day. This is the time where they can relax, and for a little time, let go of all the problems in life. Let them enjoy their cigarette alone, for smoke that rises up the air, takes away his problems momentarily. Do not ruin his moment, and let him refresh himself. If he does not get this time, he will never have the desire to wake up the next morning and follow the same routine.