5 reasons why one sided love will destroy you

Centuries past this world, yet nobody has been able to perfectly describe the four letter word ‘love’. It charms you, mesmerizes you and then hurts you. With love come expectations and when they are not met with, you tend to cause unintentional self-destruction. It has been a month since I got out of a one sided relationship, and what I have learned is, that it destroys you. Here is to tell you why:

  1. Feelings build up and eventually overflow

When you endlessly love someone but are not treated the same, a lot of negative energy starts developing inside you. Feelings are overflowing but they are not transmitted to your better half, so you become overly obsessed. You feel you would do anything to get them. One sided love will cause you to find extreme ways to acquire their love. Believe me, this will shatter your personality, your mental state and your emotional condition into bits and pieces. Understand, before it is too late!