5 Reasons Why Self-Respect Is Important In a Relationship

Having self-respect is like knowing your worth. It is like knowing what you are capable of and what you deserve. It helps you with treating yourself in the best possible way and you never compromise on you poor treatment. A lot of times, people don’t realise that it is important because why does your worth in your eyes affect your bond with another person? Here a few reasons why it needs to be considered:

  1. You know what to compromise upon.

When you have self-respect, you will always understand when you should compromise and when you shouldn’t. When we are in a relationship, often times, we are with a manipulative or selfish person. Such people tend to mould situations in their favour and you cannot usually do anything about it because it is for the ‘love’. In such situations, self-respect is important. You will obviously compromise to a limit. That is the need of every relationship but after one point, you will know that you are just stepping on your self-respect for the sake of the other person, and this is where you will stop.