5 Reasons why she is obsessed with Getting Married

Women rate the idea of marriage very highly. Ask any girl around and she will say that when she has found the right guy, she will want to get married to him as soon as possible. It is in the nature of most women to behave a certain way, and believe it or not, every woman has the natural tendency to settle with the right guy. That’s not all. There is more to it and here are a few reasons why she is obsessed with the idea of getting married:

  1. Her parents want her to settle.

Getting married is one of the aims that every woman sets in her life. That is because all her life, her parents have fed this idea into her head. They want her to be with the right man for the rest of her life. Marriage is a bond and a promise to always be there for one another – ‘in sickness and in health’ and ‘for better or for worse’. They don’t want their daughter to be in temporary flukes that will eventually result in breakups and in breaking apart.