5 Reasons Why Should You Never Check Your Partner’s Phone?

Your partner leaves their phone next to you and go through all their texts, emails and call logs. You don’t think it is something wrong and you give yourself a thousand justifications for it. You make sure they don’t figure out and you feel like a thief in the middle of night. However, when your brain next asks you to carry out this immoral activity, here are a few reasons why you should never check their phone.

5. Don’t break their trust.

Since you are their partner, they might have asked you to read a text or an email for them at some point. You probably know their password or their lock code and when they leave their phone unattended, you have all the credentials to access it. However, ask yourself: do you want to break their trust? They left their phone by the side of their partner, not an FBI agent. You don’t have to go through their private stuff. Just let the phone stay where it was and never check their phone.

4. Don’t act insecure.

If they are your partner and if you love them a lot, you must trust them as well. You are not living in the 15th century where you will monitor everything your partner does. You have to trust them. It does not matter if they text or call someone random, you need to trust them. The insecure element in your head is convincing you that they could cheat on you so you are keeping an eye. You don’t have to do it! Be with them if you trust the, and never check their phone.

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